Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It's not easy being human

It's not easy being human.  Once we pass through the "veil of forgetting"  that is rebirth on the physical plane, we are cut off from the divine and are constantly striving, whether aware of it or not, to reconnect.  Some try to fill the gap with possessions or striving for wealth, becoming greedy as they find that no amount of money or possessions will fill that gap left from our separation through birth, some fill it with dogmatic belief, their minds closed to all that doesn't agree with their one view of the world.  It is easy to succumb to the temptations of the physical world, to forget that in reality we are all one and that what we do to others we do to ourselves. Always remember that we are connected and living as though that isn't true will always result in unhappiness.  None of us is perfect, that's part of being human, but if we live our lives with as much compassion and love as we can then we can't go wrong.  

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Life is an adventure

Life is an adventure, a fascinating journey, enjoy it.  We are born with the potential to achieve anything we can dream of, but as soon as we are born things around us starts to chip away at this potentiality. We are told we can't just do anything, we are given limits, rules and beliefs to stick to. As we grow up these stick with us, we aren't clever, talented, pretty (insert word of your choice) enough to do things we really want to.  We can continue to live within these walls or we can break through into the infinite possibilities that truly exist for us.  We just have to believe. If we think we can't do something, no amount of trying will make us able to do it.  If we know we can then we will. Yes we may have to work at it, put some effort in, but if we truly know we can achieve our dreams and throw off those beliefs given to us that we cannot, then we will succeed. Just take some time every morning or evening to think about those limits, rules and beliefs that have been imposed on you by others.  Taking one at a time and dissolving it, you will see what you are truly capable of, and you can passionately and fiercely experience this fantastic journey and adventure that is life. You will then know that when you reach the end of this life you will have no regrets because you will have lived you life on your own terms. Go out there and have fun! Your dreams are waiting!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Losing the old and moving on to the new.

Loss is the universe's way of nudging us to move on.  When we hold on hard to certain things, things that are no longer any good for us, the universe gives us a nudge by taking them away.  How we react will show whether we are allowing the universe to guide us or whether we are fighting it all the way, kicking and screaming, as it tries to send us on our true path.  If we spend all of our time mourning for the thing we have lost, that friend, marriage, job, idea etc, we fail to notice the new thing on our path that is meant to replace it. We fight the universe as it tries to show us that there is something better out there. We hold tightly to the things we are losing or hold tight to the memory of the things we have lost, and because of that we are completely blind to the new opportunity the universe is presenting us with. When we hold onto the grief of loss we cannot move on, we are stuck in time and space, frozen in a moment in time, and we will not move until we can let go of that grief and see the sparkling new path that lies before us. Of course it is normal to grieve for anything we have lost, no matter how large or small, significant or not, but to hold onto the grief when it is time to let go leaves us trapped like an insect in amber. We need to meditate and visualise, cutting the cords to the thing or person we have lost, allowing the grief to float off to be transmuted by the universe into something better. In doing this we clear the way for the new. We clear the way for the universe to set us on our true path in life.  Likewise, any emotions, such as guilt, blame etc connected to the loss must be let go of before we can walk down our new path.

Hello and welcome to my blog

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am a Reiki Master, healer and Tarot reader.  I have just lately been struck with the urge to write down my thoughts and anything else that comes my way. It seems I have a few things to say and with the hope that these things may help a few people who come across them I have started a blog to get them out there.