Friday, 7 October 2011

Losing the old and moving on to the new.

Loss is the universe's way of nudging us to move on.  When we hold on hard to certain things, things that are no longer any good for us, the universe gives us a nudge by taking them away.  How we react will show whether we are allowing the universe to guide us or whether we are fighting it all the way, kicking and screaming, as it tries to send us on our true path.  If we spend all of our time mourning for the thing we have lost, that friend, marriage, job, idea etc, we fail to notice the new thing on our path that is meant to replace it. We fight the universe as it tries to show us that there is something better out there. We hold tightly to the things we are losing or hold tight to the memory of the things we have lost, and because of that we are completely blind to the new opportunity the universe is presenting us with. When we hold onto the grief of loss we cannot move on, we are stuck in time and space, frozen in a moment in time, and we will not move until we can let go of that grief and see the sparkling new path that lies before us. Of course it is normal to grieve for anything we have lost, no matter how large or small, significant or not, but to hold onto the grief when it is time to let go leaves us trapped like an insect in amber. We need to meditate and visualise, cutting the cords to the thing or person we have lost, allowing the grief to float off to be transmuted by the universe into something better. In doing this we clear the way for the new. We clear the way for the universe to set us on our true path in life.  Likewise, any emotions, such as guilt, blame etc connected to the loss must be let go of before we can walk down our new path.

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